Route is the first creative workshops journey held in Senegal. An educational exchange between African and international students, teachers and professionals of all creative disciplines.

“Route-Artlantique is a passionate voyage across one of the epicentres of african creativity, Senegal, a dynamic route to different parts of the country following the steps of art, giving young designers the opportunity to share techniques and experiences with local artists at their workshops.” Ramon Llonch, Founder Route Artlantique.


A small limited group of international design students and professionals of all creative disciplines. travel to an exciting destination to broaden their subject knowledge, combine tradition and innovation, traditional know-how and get inspiration, between local craftspeople, designers, artists and artisans from Senegal, through carefully planned and guided workshops by Route team.


Route creative workshops will take place within four different regions of Senegal, one of the safest countries and the most relevant cultural hub in Africa. Route creative journey starts of in Dakar, then we will travel to Saint Louis, Thies and Casamance. Workshops last two weeks and will put the students in close contact with local artisans, learning techniques and experimenting with them.

“I participated in ROUTE because, as a person and as a designer, I think it’s very important to know the world and work hand in hand with people from a different perceptive than yours, within a challenging environment, speaking different languages, and sharing different cultures. Route gives you a broader perspective on the profession and that is very inspiring.”

Natalia Barros, Fashion Designer. ROUTE 2015.

We are excited to share this experience with you!
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